Our Pita Story

Yaniv Benaroya has always had a passion for pita.  He loved it so much that his parents helped him buy a pita bakery right after he graduated from high school.  Yes, really.  There he mastered the art of baking his favorite bread.  He delivered his thick, chewy Pita King pita to adoring customers throughout the Bay Area.  Yaniv aspired to do more than just run a humble wholesale bakery so he decided to put his baking equipment into storage and head off to college to study business.  While at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he met his mentor John, who owned dozens of restaurants throughout California.  John taught Yaniv all about the restaurant business, especially how to create a concept, maintain high quality, and expand.  Armed with a college degree, experience, and ambition Yaniv set out to share his pita sandwiches with the world.

Yaniv partnered with Eric Huber, a Las Lomas graduate, with Walnut Creek roots, and an extensive background in operations management and concept development to help him launch this business.

Today, Yaniv’s dream is finally a reality.  He hopes you enjoy his fresh baked pita sandwiches, and that you can taste his passion for pita.

Our Story Pita Picture